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What a weekend!!!

Saturday was a fun, long day. It went like this -- I picked up my bff Tasha Bella at her place and we took the subway to Happy Paws Doggie Day Care. There it was -- a small dog meetup group. Now I used to go to these type of things but haven't for a while. Didn't know if I would enjoy but Tasha convinced me to go. Well, we had a blast -- ran into our friends Meteor, Fifi Gigi and Beanie and met some new pups and of course Elaine Lewis the group organizer gave us a really nice hello. And, you won't believe it but Ada Nieves, famous designer was there with some of her holiday/winter looks and well of course I had to try on and try on and eventually bought a pair of aviators. More on that later in the fashion section. I even entered the "contest" for cute holiday look and won 3rd place -- a Bronze is not my favorite but a win nonetheless!!!

Now on to the next event -- yes friends the momager had quite a day planned for me -- the Bark Happy Ugly Sweater Party -- at D.B.A on the lower east side -- here they had lots of treats, photo ops and $5 drinks for the momager -- well you know how that goes 2 wines and the party is really fun. I entered the treat eating contest but who can eat with everybody looking at you so that was a disaster. But so many friends were there, Rosy, Portia, Mitsuki, Buttercup, Lukas, Ginger, Cubby and more!!!

As if the day was fun filled enough some of the moms wanted to go shopping at Michaels so my mom quickly agreed to that and walked and walked there --- we left Buttercup, Cubby, Ginger and Lukas and waited 40 minutes on line to buy tulle for another DIY project -- well I put my paw down and said let's get out of here and go home -- so we did and am now getting ready for the next event!!!

Sunday was Gia's birthday party. She had a Littly Pony themed party -- really cute. But this little pony didn't get there till it was almost over -- A few photos and the party was done -- the momager had to work -- I mean do I have to get Uber to drive me around??????

Just remember the bitches are not always the dogs!!

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