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Today I am a G Girl!!!

Had the best time today. My bffs Gianna and Duchess were in town for the Celebrity Catwalk fashion weekend. So I had them and their moms over for brunch, I also invited my pal Tasha Bella (she couldn't stay too long) but she and her mom came over for brunch as well. We had bagels, a shmear, lox and the works. We talked and talked and then I took over as tour guide. FYI, G Girls is the biggest thing in South Florida. They have amazing events, go to Parades, walk the Runway, provide tons of entertainment for us pups. Now these Florida girls are totally in shock in NY -- no grass to poop -- freezing weather -- tons of people and NO CAR except for a cab!!!! We visited Times Square, walked through some stores (the moms really had to shop) and then went along Broadway to go to some fabric stores -- yes the moms really needed fabric? and then it happend Gia's stroller wheel broke and it was a disaster -- she doesn't put her little paws on the ground, she is wheeled around all the time -- her mom was distraught -- what to do -- luckily they found a children's stroller to buy. Crisis averted but her mom is still shaking from this!!! Also Duchess' mom never got her fabric but she did buy a nice top (it wasn't a total loss today).

Check out www.facebook/ggirlsproductions for more info about Gianna and her fun events.

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