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Don't touch this!!!

I have been groped and squeezed Why do strange people walk over to me, want to pet me (yes I know I am flirty, irresistible and sexy) and the worst case scenario KISS ME!!! The momager cringes when people come over and touch me but what to do??? If they ask first to pet me I guess it is OK, but to just come over and want to engage this girl in kissing well that is too intimate for me. It always happens so quickly that I don't know what to do. Small children come over and pet me -- maybe I had a bad day and I could snap at them, maybe they are just annoying me and I am not in the mood for playtime -- really what are the parents doing to discourage this behavior. AND, AND, what about when I or my bffs are in our strollers and people just reach in to pet us -- Really do the humans go over to baby carriages and touch the babies -- NOOOO -- that would be punishable. Do some adults have a fetish for doggies? I know some humans who are really into kissing me a little too much!!!

Some friends of mine are OK with it but this girl wants it to stop. Can strangers just keep their distance, and not think that my head has to be kissed, wow just back off humans!!!

Just remember -- the bitches are not always the dogs.

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