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Please don't judge me!

I got back late last night from West Palm Beach!! I spent 3 days living the good life in Jupiter. I went there to attend the Homecoming Dance and Yearbook Brunch hosted by my bff Giana and her mom Laura of G Girl Productions. We gathered Thursday night for a dinner in the lobby of the Homewood Suites -- dinner was full of carbs, and I mean we girls and boys had to walk to runway the next day so I guess like an athlete we needed it but the moms and dads not soo much. Of course, the wine flowed -- I did keep an eye on my momager but she was cool and btw no peeing/pooping in undesignated areas that I know of (you know how I feel about that) -- well I did have a ittle tinkle near the lobby when I first got there but that was the first and last accident I had -- I guess wearing depends is not far behind.

Now, let's cut to the event -- First class all the way. Delicious freshly made food for the pups and of course the humans. Music; dancing -- music was not my style -- I am over those Bar Mitzvah/Wedding songs -- I like pop tunes. Now the competition was fun well sort of. I wore a GORGEOUS white and silver gown with faux fur trim (faux fur was the theme in Florida of all places on pups ) and removable overskirt with a hat to match -- it was smashing. Darcey Klein of DRC Canine Couture did such a great job and we love her and how she doted on me was amazing. I looked fabulous, hair, nails, everthing -- you know I love the Runway and love it when I get attention -- my momager instilled this in me LOL. Beautiful outfits one after another on all the pups and parents -- a Court was Picked but this girl did not even place. I am not a sore loser but not even a Princess Position -- I think the Judges were intimidated by my style, and Runway skills but congratulations to the winners -- my bff Penelope in a dress designed by Daniel Pursel for SewDogGoneCreative was crowned Queen and the Cooper was crowned King in an outfit by ShihNanigans - Embellishments for Dogs.

Anyway on to the Yearbook Brunch -- this was soo much fun. Of course I was in the Class Slut competition -- and won -- if not me who? I had the best costume, with fishnets, boobies, thong underwear (very uncomfortable) My costume designer is Diana Lucchi. Yes I was smoking on stage; I was really all fired up, I had the most important thing the PERSONALITY.

I had an afternoon date with on Friday with my Baxter -- you know what I mean and we had a little "matinee" who doesn't like that? Hmm was I acting the part?

So much more to tell you but will try to write some more about it later in the week!! It was a great time and Gianna and Laura did the best job. Loved seeing all my friends from across the country and share our love of fashion. But remember - the Bitches are not always the dogs!!!

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