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Friday Night Bites!!!

Now, I know you must think I lead a fabulous life, which I do, but sometimes things don't go the way they should. Friday night, the momager said let's go out for dinner and let's invite Tasha and her mom (well, Tasha's mom suggested it but the momager likes to control the situation). And, she also said by the way, Susan (T's mom) and I are going to a play so you can invite some friends over -- BOYS!!!! are OK -- of course with Belly Bands. My first question was what do I wear and the momager said just a little jacket will be ok -- nothing fancy -- I should have known then -- trouble!!! So off we go to Shake Shack of all places. So let me set the stage -- If we get the table in the very back noone will see that we are there and the 4 of us can eat -- since in NY only Service Dogs can go into a restaurant -- so I am supposed to dine in my carrier!!! Me, a NYC well - known pup and of course Tasha Bella felt the same -- we were sequestered under the table and I had to be hand fed by the momager -- HUMILIATING -- Tasha broke out of her bag (I am very proud of her) and exerted her rights to walk around -- she got me out of my carrier (I didn't want to make a fuss but did let out a bark or two). We finished the burgers and walked home; never again if it isn't the W Hotel or one of the other dog friendly places that I can sit comfortably and enjoy the ambiance and the crowd -- not going. And to make matters worse the Boys never showed up -- it was a total drag.

Next weekend will be better -- we are getting ready for the Pink Angel Fashion Ball (to honor our friend Adah Janice Challenger who recently passed away).

Remember the Bitches are not always the dogs.

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