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Social media or social anxiety?

It's over. Days of dressing up, walking the catwalk, hair, nails, trying to sniff out some new guys is finally over. I can relax and be myself (whoever that is). Just a brief recap for those of you that don't know me personally -- I will start with Thursday and move on day by day so keep watching for my posts.

Thursday - The New York Pet Fashion Show -- with the theme of global couture -- I donned a Russian style Anastasia look -- the momager used her stroller artist skills and there I was sitting in the Hotel Penn Ballroom like a lady in waiting and that is what I did -- half the night the momager was looking for her phone the other half looking for the Press. No fun and to make matters worse I had to play up to the Press so they would publish me -- Getty, NY 1, wire services, everyone she passed she thought hmmm what /who do they represent and will they want my picture -- at one point I got loose (I always manage to) and ran across the room but of course she caught me. It was a social media frenzy. I saw some of my friends but I didn't have much time to socialize -- really I was working not having fun!!! And the truth is I think my friends were doing the same thing!!! Since late Thursday night the posts started flying on Facebook!!!

Some of the outfits were amazing and some I didn't understand. And, there were pups driving around in a car -- really a car -- they don't have licenses and do they even know how to use the brake!!! Some pups even went naked -- a very brave fashion statement!!

But in reality we all had a great time!!!!!! Thanks to Ada Nieves and her team for their hard work and we look forward to next year.

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