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#bitchstolemylook Pupscout Style!!!!!

Just ahead of tomorrow's Oscar night I wanted to share with everybody the recent Red Carpet Gala hosted by the Pup Scouts to benefit Waggytail Rescue. Yes it will be #whoworeitbetter #bitchstolemylook and more tomorrow night. But for one night the Pups rule the Oscar Runway!!!! For the 3rd year the Pupscouts held a fun event where we dressed up like Movie Stars and New York City Icons and walked the Runway (my favorite part of the event). We ate, drank, had cool photo ops, great entertainment and just got to hang out with our friends. Yes it was a competition but it was soo much fun I think many pups just didn't even think about that.

This year I had an idea to wear a menswear tuxedo like Diane Keaton and I rocked it. Everyone knows I love to wear a gown on the Runway but this year I wanted to change it up, and I did. Quite frankly I find the pants, the suspenders and the jacket very confining not to mention the tie. I am happy I am a girl and get to wear a gown with no restrictions -- I go commando!!!

Thanks to Gia Diamond Couture for my Tux and to Virgina Rodriguez for most of the Photos.

Check out a video from from the evening's event featuring so many of the pupscouts all dressed up in their Oscar Best.

I also have to share that the Broadway legend Carol Lawrence was a judge!! She was the original Maria in West Side Story and I was thrilled to meet her!! Here I am trying to sway her vote -- but she would not budge!!!

So much more to tell you but here are some more Looks from the event. Please check out to find out how to join the Pupscouts!!!!

Interview with Victoria Viscardi and Gia were a big hit!!! The Momager really talks to much !!!!

So a tip to all my friends -- watch the Oscars tomorrow night and if you see a look you love get working on it!!!!

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Remember the Bitches are not always the dogs!!!!

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