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Controversy or Nontroversy #2 Easter Parade

Photo Credit :  @thedogist

Hi Friends, I am fresh off my 15 minutes of Easter Parade fame. I mean, this girl got photographed tons of times at the Parade, as did all my friends. The tourists were all out like crazy, you couldn't even walk 2 feet ahead of you (on all 4s) without a camera being pushed in your face AND strangers were walking over wanting to be photographed with us (too bad we couldn't charge them). people were putting their hands on us, trying to kiss us, pet us, OY you know how I and the momager feel about that!!! The momager gets crazy and starts to tell people to back off -- she has to learn how to control that!!!! Haven't they ever seen a well-turned out pup before --- the cool fascinator, the fabulous necklace (love bling) and of course my "ride" (homage to Spring stroller) all add up to ZZ fabulousness. I have to thank the momager for her contribution. I was the inspiration but she did execute it!!! And, of course she will never admit that it was all about me.

Now, let's get to the point -- do you think the pawrents are so competitive that they are just thinking of how to get Press and we pups are being exploited? I kept thinking of the song Easter Parade and while it may be tradition to walk the "avenue" and be photographed I know my mom has been planning my "look" for weeks -- she will tell you she just threw it together -- don't believe her!!!

But on the other hand, I love to see my picture in the newspaper, my face on the news -- hmmm what to say, I love the attention but is it getting out of hand? Are we losing sight of just having fun? NOOOOO -- we love #press I say!!!!!

My friends got photographed for the NY Times, The Gothamist, Daily News, TV media, and more; everybody wanted to see us but I hope they are not looking us as "freaks" we are just fun loving pups who love a good outfit, love to show off and can really rock a pose for the camera.

Btw you only need a good hat for this event -- and the pawrents need to be dressed up as well -- it will help get more press LOL or more Likes on your Instagram.

Your thoughts please -- am I being too harsh? I always say I don't have to "win" I just need to get some #press!!! Well this Easter -- mission accomplished and I had a lot of fun -- I think.

And, remember the bitches are not just the dogs!!!!

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