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Dog Park or Wrong Park (for me)

How many friends go to the Dog Park? I for one am not a fan. The dirt, the pebbles, the poop all point to one messy afternoon. Is it me? I am approached by most of the pups to play but maybe I am a bit older, and more sophisticated but I just can't get into the whole idea of running around the park and sniffing another's private parts. And sometimes I am even drooled on -- a totally humilating experience. My bff Tasha and I have gone to the Park together, I think she feels the same way I do but she is a better actress (takes after her mom) and a little more sociable but I am just not interested. Or maybe I am just a little shy or intimidated -- I do show my personality on the Runway or in front of the camera but not in the Park!!!!

Some dog parks have a little pool or a sprinkler but swimming is another of my least favorite things to do -- don't like to get my hair wet.

No dress code for the dog park -- most pups just go naked, except for me; I do have to be careful as I don't want to rip a dress, break a necklace (something which I do all the time) or break a nail or ruin my pawdicure -- a girl has to keep up appearances.

Now one more thing I want to talk about -- the boys are a little frisky in the park, did you know there is a lot of groping going on, the boys put their paws all over you, and smell your butt -- is this acceptable? They don't even buy you a treat or take you out for dinner!!!! I have to literally fight the boys (and girls) off -- but sometimes I get carried away myself and tease the boys just a little!!! I read in the media that people are losing careers over this knid of behavior am I being sexually exploited?

What to do? I will just keep away from the dog park, get my exercise walking around the city and shopping!!!!

Or maybe I will try it again!!! You never know !!!

Remember the bitches are not always the dogs!!!

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