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ZZ Reports -- checking out some cool products at the Re-tails & Sales Pet Expo.

May 3, 2017

Today I was out and about as a  nyc"celebrity pup" at the 5th Annual NYC Re-tails & Sales Pet Expo.  What I mean is that I was invited to an Retail Expo of pet products which included fashion (my specialty), food, bedding, herbal remedies (cannibis for pups?-- Bring on the pup Dead Heads!!! and more.  I checked out several of the vendors and what I saw was soo amazing!!!!  I wanted to buy so many things but the momager was not digging deep in to her pockets especially for pet cannibis LOL  -- I think she was cheap today -- something about a lot of upcoming expenses !!!


Imagine fashion bowties or collar bows for pups with matching leashes -- I found  one from the Pullitzer Collection -- bold colors with lots of hot pink and of course I woud  add "bling".  As you know I am not the Palm Beach type -- am edgier but something about this accessory gave me hope that some day I could mix with the doggie set on Worth Avenue.  Uber take me to The Breakers!!!  


Here I am trying one on:


 Next on to the a cool clothing line  with great options for casual wear!!  I'm in a floral vest (the hotest look for Spring) with shades of my favorite pink.

 Here are some additional clothing items that were unique and trendy.






Now a change from fashion to FOOD!!!  Another of my favorites -- this is a really healthy brand -- oy -- I will have to get used to that!!!  Need something that tastes like a burger but I have to watch my diet !!




 Now some final products for you to see:


I want to say thanks to Dana Humphrey and Nancy Hassel who are the humans behind this event.  There were several other vendors which I didn't have time to visit with.


This is the first ZZtalks where I haven't "catty" at all.


And remember, the bitches are not aways the dogs!!!




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