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And your name is?

So I suppose you are sick of my latest adventures, walking the Runway at the Little Shelter Fashion Show in an over the top, long, long, gown and attending the Bideawee Gala just the other night so rather then bore you with more of my adventures I wanted to talk about something that affects all of us -- our NAME!!!!

We are not asked what we should be called and quite frankly I think some choices are inappropriate -- my name for instance ZZ has been spelled 3 different ways -- Zee Zee, ZiZi and finally the momager settled on ZZ. I mean how complicated is it to spell it -- that my mom had to be "creative" with 2 letters -- it isn't that big a deal!!! Does your name have a "back story"? Is it a family name? Is there a theme in your family? Do you have siblings that have similar names? Some pups have "royal" names, king, queen, prince, princess -- I mean if you wanted a pup with a royal lineage then consult "The Queen". You can never be a "Royal" even with a Royal name but it does set a tone and I love the Royal Family!!!

Sometimes I would like to change my name -- and sometimes I am called by my alternate name Babydoll -- don't ask me where that came from -- but do you have another name a PET NAME LOL A middle name?

In NY the number name for Boys is Max and for Girls is Bella -- sounds like names of grandparents on the Lower East Side but the old names have taken on a new dynamic and while I don't know any "Max" I do know several Bellas !!! (All Yorkies!!!)

Would love to hear your story of how you were named!! Btw, I was supposed to be Zeus but when I arrived and was a little girl the quick thinking momager changed it to ZZ or however she wants it spelled.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!!

And remember the bitches are not always the dogs!!!

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