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Is it Celebrity Catwalk or Cat Walk!

So the three days of Celebrity Catwalk are over and I am reporting in!!! I did a fabulous job of raising money at my clothing sale. This is the 2nd time I have done this and well the closet is bare but I raised some $$$ for charity. The Momager says she wants to declutter the house but I know she is just gearing up to start shopping again or at least I hope so. It was fabulous to see the girls wearing my clothes; I felt like a real fashionista, a trendsetter and maybe even an Influencer!!!

Regarding the Runway Shows (3 days of shows)-- Now don't ask me who the designers were, never heard of 98% OF THEM and many were from overseas, the Philippines (very elaborate work, they know how to bring the big dress) but most were long, puffy, and I can see all the girls wearing them to the next big event -- hopefully we will have a formal or two coming up because dresses and tuxedos likes these need very special places to show them off -- and the pups already started checking each other out; I mean I can see it all happening -- who has the biggest, the fullest, the most elaborate, the longest, the most impossible to walk in dress or stylish tux -- you will see!!

Too bad I wasn't in this Show as I would definitely accumulate some dreses for another sale!!

Now I must discuss CATS -- and I don't mean the Broadway Show. 2 Cats graced the Runway -- I mean the pup and the cat are naturally not the most friendly -- my pal Buttercup was looking at the cats like they are his next meal and he had to be restrained by his mom Ami. I thought this was a pup and human event (they should rethink the humans on the Runway too, just the pups would be really fabulous). But cats come with their own agenda, i.e, litter box, food, scents and their own set of humans. And competing with the Cats at the Step N Repeat was no fun -- I mean they took it over and it was quite a struggle to get your paws on the red carpet.

I am very open minded but the cats need their own show -- these fashionista cats are amazing but it was a little stressful for some of the pups -- do the pup models need to take doggie xanax before they walk the Runway to take the cat edge off.

What's next exotic animals? I hate change; is it the new normal? Am I too right wing? Am I too conservative? Do I not see the beauty in co-mingling the different sets of species on the Runway?

Your thoughts please!!! If you are a dog and have a bff feline -- I need to hear about it.

Remember the bitches are not just the dogs!! Or cats!!!

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