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International Night G Girl Style!!!!

July 10, 2017


I am  back home from the G Girl 2017 Cotillion .



First, I traveled with my 2 guy pals  Baxter (my noncommittal guy who still listens to his mom) and my new bff Galen Jameson Fraser, an independent guy, with 3 names  (a little skinny for me) with a great fashion sense (and his mom is a little more liberal than Baxter's).  


We arrived at the Homewood Suites Hotel Thursday and Friday the event began.  Friday night was “International Night” G GIrl Style  and pups were supposed to represent a country of their choice.  Now this is for the “pups” not the humans -- this is not Halloween when the humans step out -- pet parents do you really have to compete with us pups -- I mean we have a few days a year set aside to dress up and parade our stuff.  Now, here is what happened -- the USA (of course) had I think the most representation, India was definitely represented I myself sported a kelly green sari for about 10 minutes -- it was a total fashion failure -- while a beautiful outfit by Gia Diamond Couture  it  just didn’t really fit me (I borrowed it from my gal pal Tasha Bella) -- you see this is what happens when the momager decides to get frugal.  Anyway…..I saw quite a few pups representing Mexico -- and not just the Chis as you would expect.



Now on to the winners -- Mr. Internatonal -- Tucker -- a larger pup won first prize in his amazing Matador costume -- he wasn’t well and barely made it down the runway and his designer was ShihNanigans by Nanette DeRonda a force to be reckoned with in the arena of costumes and theatrical ensembles.  2017 Miss International --  Gigi  (a personal friend of mine -- and btw a many time repeat competitor who FINALLY won a Title -- oy it gives the rest of us  hope) was representing Ireland in a dress designed by Julie Lancaster of  Off the Cuff Stuff for Pets - Home | Facebook a friend of mine as well.    Both Julie and Nanette both had several pieces in the competition which placed!! Creativity next level for both!!


I have to say ALL THE DESIGNERS were fabulous and special shout out to the Humans who made their pups their own outfits -- of course my mom is never gonna be able to do that !!!!



We were served an assortment of treats and the humans had appetizers -- it was a first class evening and a wonderful start to the Cotillion Weekend!!!!


Now one tiny more little thing to discuss:

Julie Lancaster is launching a new line of clothes for pups -- and she will not forget the boys!!!


It is called JettSett and will be in luxury I mean luxury dog boutiques in limited production.  I was lucky enough to pry a dress away from her -- don’t you love it I look amazing!! And mini-handcuffs -- Julie you are going in a whole new direction with this line!!!!  Will get a picture of the tux as soon as I find Baxter!!!!  Just wanted you to be in the know!!!  


More later as we get ready to discuss the 2017 G Girl Cotillion!!! Please post your comments here on the blog page or if you must on facebook.  Pictures of your outfits would be great -- my mom was soo busy she didn’t get enough pictures or at least good ones!



Don’t forget the bitches are not always the dogs!!



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