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Don't Undress Me With Your Eyes!!

Don’t Undress Me with Your Eyes!!!

Where do I begin? I had had an amazing time at the G GIrl Cotillion Weekend; Friday night -- International Competition, Saturday The Main Event -- 2017 Cotillion and Sunday -- The Polo Brunch.

However, there is always something….Daniel Pursel of made me an amazing gown -- very ,Quinceanera, 56” long, appliques, sequins, ruffles, it had everything and of course in my signature color of pink (hot pink). I am not a baby doll pink kind of girl). Now, I heard from Daniel that I didn’t win or “place" because a "Judge" thought I didn't look comfortable in the dress in short "not happy" and she thought I was panting. Really -- so called "Judge" I am smiling in all the pictures. Imagine it is if I failed the Interview portion of the competition if I was in the Miss America Contest. The Momager went crazy over this news; I really had to calm her down but I have a different take on it! ,

I have been wearing clothes since I was a little pup, like the rest of my friends I started with a cute t-shirt or sweater and well things escalated to couture custom made doggie gowns, outfits, accessories, including bling and hats. With couture comes modeling, fashion shows, print, TV. I have walked the Runway in NY Fashion Week for Couture Designer Anthony Rubio and Olga Yuditsky of Orostani Coutures in the Humane Society of Palm Desert Le Chien Charity Event, Celebrity Catwalk, and the Elizabeth Cordelia Fashion Show (human children clothing company) and I am told I have done an amazing job and have the pictures to prove it but now this “judge” makes me insecure.

Am I wearing clothes to please the Momager or do I really like it? I have never questioned the clothes except shoes and hair bows -- I do have my limitations but I will wear most things or am I just tolerating everything else?

I asked the Momager if counseling is an option? Can I speak to someone -not that Behaviorist who upset me but some other doggie behavior guru to see if I should just give up the clothes?

I am not going to wear clothes for a few weeks to see how I feel. I am going on a clothing detox!!! Yes I know I will miss the swish of fabric covering my body, or the numerous times I get my paw stuck in the fabric or chewing on some really delicious fabric embellishments but I just have to find out….I hope I can handle it!!

Well I had to tell you to get this out and as always your comments are appreciated!!!

Ohh and I almost forget to thank Amy Cox for her fabulous birthday party for Penelope and Pearl on Thursday Night. The Ice Cream Social with the tropical decorations was outstanding. This was not part of our "weekend activities" but a fun add on for us pups and humans!!!!

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