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Weekend Recap & Clothing is Back

People always ask me how I spend my weekends -- where I go, who my friends are....Today I want to share with you a new restaurant -- it is always a coup when the Owner sends you an invite to try out their place (maybe because the momager bragged she could get 20 people there). The restaurant is in the heart of trendy Tribeca and walking distance to the Pier, the Financial District, the fabulous Brookfield Place and more!! Lots of upscale pups here -- you know downtown types, a little edgy and I am sure a few are just a bit uppity but I love a challenge . Ask the pawrents to take you to The Greenwich Street Tavern.

I had brunch/lunch with some of the most fabulous pups I know on Saturday and I gotta tell you we all loved it.

The NYC laws are strict so we can only sit outside but we had lots of room and the momager loves when we get lots of attention -- passersby, the owner Rob, you name it we love it. ZZ says you must must go there !!!!

Clothing Detox

Now on to something very important to me and I know you can't wait to hear about it.

I haven't worn clothes in 2 weeks since that supposed Judge made me re-evaluate if I like clothing or not and while I have gotten some media attention "naked" I think it is time to go back to "dressing up". I miss picking out the outfits, accessorizing, trying them on, EVERYTHING about fashion.

Clown Costume by Sew Dog Gone Creative  Click on picture

Dress: Sew Doggone Creative

SO, in honor of my first day back to clothes this is what happens. I was invited to Harley's 2nd birthday party with a circus theme; the momager dressed me in a clown costume. I was mortified and you can see by my face that going from couture to clown costume is not acceptable. My first public appearance dressed up was not what I expected. My outfit was fabulous it is just that I wanted something more Couture for my return to clothes. I wanted a celebration and perhaps a couture gown would have made me happy. Always something this pup has to overcome!!! Btw, Harley's party was fabulous and lots of money was raised for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Check out their web site. To be continued....

Remember the bitches are not always the dogs!!!

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