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Cotillion, Polo & Masquerade Ball

No sooner am I off clothing detox then the momager tells me I am signed up for The Magnolia Masquerade Ball in Charlotte, NC. September 16 presented by G Girl Productions to benefit Canines For Service. Do I have any input into these kind of things? Do I just go on auto-pilot down the Runway???? You may remember my recent loss in South Florida. Well, losing this time is not an option (I have to keep telling myself that). My dress is by Belle Diva Couture, am trying to be very zen, thinking about how to “keep calm” and make the judges love me. I am thinking about a “pageant coach”. (I have tried this before but I really don’t like to listen to anyone especially authority.) The momager is very excited. This is not good as she will be driving me crazy -- as it is she is going out to buy a new gown -- all humans must wear black so she is definitely on board with that and as long as her mask does not interfere with her hair or makeup she will be fine. Did I tell you there will be a film crew!!! Oy, she will try to be next level!!! AND, did I mention this is in the South!! This little pup is not so demure -- I hope the Southern pups are not turned off by my NY Street Style!!! I will try to be a little low key. Less shade more sun!!!!! And, maybe I will meet a Southern gentleman -- very exciting!! Have a lot to think about!!!

Now I never gave my full Cotillion report so just wanted to give y'all (I am aready getting in the Southern mood) some more details.

The Cotillion was amazing, where else can pups get served their dinner, get dressed up in over the top outfits, strut the Runway, be photographed, buy raffle tickets/help raise money for charity and just mingle . The humans blatantly check out the competition -- oh it is all nice until the "Crowning" and then the evil twin appears, claws come out if you don't win. My momager was a very good example of a "sore loser" and how many times does she insist it doesn't matter if I win or lose -- I personally am tired of hearing it -- oh and her next comment is "I am in it for the Press; I don't need a trophy" -- What about bragging rights mom!!! By now EVERYBODY knows who I failed Interview and didn't place.

I have never seen such amazing outfits for pups (boys and girls). Top doggie designers turned out -- Julie Lancaster, Darlene Hachey, Daniel Pursel (my designer for the event), Janice Craig, Nanette DeRonde, Darcey Klein, Linda Higgins and these are the ones I know -- could of been others there.

Now, this is how it went down -- pre-judging, awards, dinner, Runway and Crowning. As you already know I failed pre-judging but did well at dinner and Runway (I mean I have enough practice in both areas.)

Dinner was fun -- all the pups took off their clothes -- and all you could see were these fabulous dresses and tuxedos hanging on strollers -- it was really funny; we didn't want to mess up her outfits by slobbering all over ourselves. Maybe there is something to be said for "clothing optional".

Fashion Sense -- most popular colors for the girls were white, pink and tons of blue (all variations of the color blue). Boys were in brocades, black, even beige -- the day of the classic Black tux is over -- the boys want to be noticed likes us girls and they are demanding more intricate designs from the designers and they certainly did deliver.

And the winner is!!! Mr. Cotillion is my bff Cooper Gardner in a tux designed by Nanette DeRonde. The tux has the dreamy name of Prince Charming's Treasure Chest. Nanette digs deep into the research -- think I need Google to figure it all out! I love Cooper and if he was older well I would love to hang with him -- I know he is very taken with me but too big a difference in our age and while he is very cool in competition I have much more life experience then him but every girl loves a boy toy. Ms Cotillion is Autumn wearing a fabulous gown designed by Lola Teiglund. Autumn is soo sweet, also a young pup (I am getting to be the "senior" in this group) even more reason for me to work harder, keep in shape and try to win something while I still can.

Polo Brunch -- The last event of the weekend; and while still a competition a fun brunch with a Polo theme. No claws here -- just pups and humans talking about the weekend -- mainly a recap of the night before and what they thought about it.

Here pups with and without their human escorts portrayed polo payers, guests and anything polo -- open to interpretation.

The Pretty Woman brown and white polka dot dress was a recurring theme for the girls with humans matching their pups!!!!

All in all a lot of fun!!! So many new friends and lots of laughs for all!!!

Can't wait to do it again in Charlotte!!!!

So remember the bitches are not just the dogs!!!

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