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Inspired By!!

I want to you know everything that is going on. So let's get started. The momager went to the Algonquin Hotel to Matilda's Annual Celebration and Cat Fashion show. This is a dream come true a Runway Show entirely of cats and all dressed in Broadway themed outfits designed by my friend Ada Nieves -- this cool designer has dressed some of the most fashionable pups and cats!! I believe that pups and cats can co-mingle but please not on the Runway -- you may remember my Celebrity "Cat Walk" post. But here they had their moment to shine and they sure did!!

Melanie Lee

Momager gets some face time

Next, my good friend and Head G Girl Laura was in town on business and I got to hang with her and my bae Baxter. Baxter suggested Shake Shack for lunch -- when is he going to start picking more romantic spots for us to go. He is just getting too comfortable with our "relationship". Do you think Baxter knows about my food urges -- yes I jumped on the table a few weeks ago to grab some chicken but I have it under control now -- I better talk to him and see if he heard about it. This is a difficult secret to keep. Next was a photo shoot with Barbara Jayne of Lick Magazine. I have to say I was a little too much "bitchface" and not enough "smiley face." Oh well every model has an "off day."

Lyn and Laura
Baxter took me out to lunch

Lick Magazine Photo Shoot

ZZ Reviews - Your girl has to share some intel about a cool needed product. Who has a car? How many times do you get caught in the rain, get sprinkled on in the dog park, just need a bath (not me of course) and the car has a little "odor". Yes I know it is hard to talk about but sometimes we are a bit offensive and since the car is such a closed environment we need a little neutralizing. This cute little paw from Pet House / One Fur All will do the job ... just hang it up and let it waft through the car ... just breathe!!! Lots of fun scents!! The next time you enter the car it will smell sooo good!! Tell your parents you need this -- we don't want any "sideeye", and definitely no shade here


Pet House Car Freshner

Now on to my topic of the day!! I have a very cool role model, she is fashionable, sexy, blonde, talented and famous (not my mom) and while she is a Pig I love her. And she is a big fan of inter-species relationships LOL Yes, Moi is talking about Miss Piggy. This trendy girl has shown me how to follow my dreams no matter what they are and did I mention she is not skinny!!! She is full of life, a go getter, a bit of a snob, and little self-involved -- so much like me!!! Well maybe only a little....Now, who is your role model? Who inspires you!! Tell me; I really want to know.

Don't forget the Magnolia Masquerade Ball -- still time to get your ticket and hang out with me in Charlotte, NC. I will be a Southern Girl y'all not just a South Brooklyn girl!!!!

Remember the Bitches are not just the dogs!

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