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Hits and Misses!!!!

We just celebrated National Dog Day -- thank goodness we have our own day and I went to a great event at the Brooklyn

Library, sponsored with Dog Parker and Slobbr -- yes I am an avid reader -- noooo. There was a "costume contest" and you know the momager never passes up a Runway opportunity so there I was in my Glamping dress and hat on the green carpet -- it was very narrow and the momager and I could barely fit on it -- so much for the diet -- now -- I was in the finals -- but you must know once again I didn't win -- and I lost to my pal Shaggy -- (@nyyankee dog on IG) who rides a skateboard. Here is some press from The Brooklyn Paper about the event ... Now I am losing because I don't do tricks; really is there no end to the reasons for my losing -- do I just retire now and give up all competitions or do I learn a routine -- maybe dance (I love to twirl), maybe learn how to paint; am I just a Loser and why does it bother me so much!!!. And please no remarks like you are a "winner" in my eyes -- I need to get a trophy, a ribbon you know I need a tangible asset or at least bragging rights!!! The momager has now accepted my losses but we all know her competitive spirit -- we do have The Magnolia Masquerade Ball in September so perhaps I can break my losing streak there because I don't want her to have another meltdown oy it isn't pretty. .Well I am going to be diligent in my positive attitude and just let it happen and remember your girl loves to complain so just keep listening to my whining, barking and excuses. Thank you to Fran Champagne @littlebougies on IG for her photo.

On another note some fun events coming up:

My Pupscout Troop is having their annual Camping Event - September 9

G Girl Productions is having the Magnolia Masquerade Ball - September 16 to 17

Strut Your Mutt -- Walk with the Pupscouts -- you don't have to be a Pupscout just have the desire to participate!!! And we go for a yummy lunch after at the Greenwich Street Tavern.


It's Labor Day weekend -- I started the day in Times Square, love to take a photo or 2 there so New York, went to Lord and Taylor (nothing in my size) but we are on a hunt for clothes for Charlotte, NC for the Magnolia Masquerade Ball and then we went to Central Park with my #bff Tasha and her mom. I had the best time in Central Park (finally time for me) Pups this is the place to go when you need a grooming and don't care about getting dirty. As a matter of fact that is the only time I am allowed to go there :) So many smells, flowers, animals all around -- it is like Disneyland for us pups. And we had lunch out at The Boathouse -- the momager has finally gotten smart -- she orders me a grilled chicken breast wherever we go -- so she doesn't hear my barking (begging) for food. She says she is more relaxed since I am not carrying on for food -- anything to keep the momager happy!!! Some cool photo ops and then home. I walked a zillion steps and am now resting on my bed -- can't move.

Remember the bitches are not always the dogs!!!

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