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I did it again!!!!

ZZ coming to you from the “Losers Lounge” I mean really friends once again I lost – and to a boy again – I mean 2nd time – first to the skateboarding @yankeedog and now to my own amore Baxter @baxtersbuddies. Some people count their “wins” with pride I count my losses. So to fill you in I was nominated for the Fashion Forward Award at the Society Paws Awards held last night at Zanger Hall (West Side Synagogue on West 34th Street) which should have given me the “edge” being a Jewish girl and all. Lots of categories and all my friends were nominees and some even WON!!! But I guess I still have to wait for my big win!!! The Momager is not happy (when is she ever in these things) and she is starting to slip a little – I heard rumblings of ZZ was robbed, and all. I told her she was going to hurt Baxter’s feelings so I managed to get her to keep quiet.

Thanks Baxter for my Dress

Consolation Prize -- he won a cute dress for me in the raffle – so I guess he felt a little bad too – Oy and Tasha is devastated as her Mom was sooo excited for weeks waiting for the announcement. Tasha has taken comfort at her boyfriend Cuba’s house. I guess “loser” sex will make it a little easier to deal with. You go Tasha – I was soo surprised to hear that she was going there but don’t you love it when a good friend does something a little out of character? I sure Do!!!

A secret group of judges voted for the winners and I would love to know what the criteria was. Did I not have enough outfits, not enough color choices, accessories, different looks -- I mean I wear pants, introduced the girls to sexy lace bell bottoms, wear the obligatory Instagram striped t-shirt, wear gowns, jumpsuits, hats, but no bows or shoes. Where did I fall down with my fashion sense!! I must get to the bottom of this. After all, how is a girl to improve and grow!!! and possibly WIN!!

Thanks Bobbi Mitchell for your hard work in putting the event together!!

Remember the Bitches are not always the dogs!!!!

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