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Make Mine Masquerade -- Cheers!

Packing is exhausting!

Hi Pups today I want to talk about my upcoming trip to Charlotte, NC to the G Girl Magnolia Masquerade Ball. I am starting to pack and it is about 2 days away. The momager doesn't want to forget anything-- but I guarantee there will be important items left behind and things that should be left home taking up valuable space. For starters, how much do I really need? We are going for 4 days of which 2 days have a "theme" and I will be dressing accordingly. So I need 3 days of casual clothes which translates into 6 days in my mom's interpretation.

Packing is a lot of work

Here is my list -- My first draft I mean:

4 Harnesses (one for each day)

4 Dresses (this is a just in case) -- they are on the casual side not formal

Hats -- probably 3 or 4 to match my outfits

Bling -- all of it -- I layer my sparkle!

My 2 themed outfits -- formal one for the Masquerade and my Sunday Riverboat Cruise brunch outfit!!

Did I forget anything? Oh yes, FOOD, a girl has to eat --- treats and kibble and my brush, my shampoo, a purse -- a daytime and an evening clutch (I need a place to put my phone) and the pressure is building - the momager will flip I mean flip if I don't come home with some sort of win -- I don't need the trophy (the apt. is soo small that it will end up in the storage locker) but I do need the bragging rights.

This is my first time in the South - I can't wait to meet the Southern pups -- are the boys more polite; are the girls more refined will my New York edge be a little too rough for everyone? I have to be myself and we will see what happens? And, let's not forget my mom -- she can be rough too!!! Oy, we will see how it plays out!

I have to concentrate!!

Now, the competition -- those of you who follow me know I have LOST a few times, well all the time :( but I am not a quitter so watch out Southerners ZZ is going for the WIN.

I can't wait for the ice sculptures, the food, the music, the glitz, the glam and of course the joy of giving (we are raising money for Canines for Service.)

Don't worry I will give you all the trends, the dirt, the gossip, the hits and the misses.

Also, coming soon, I am starting a ZZ's Favs page where I review all kinds of products and keep you in the know!!!

Don't forget the bitches are not always the dogs!!!

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