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Around town with ZZ!!!!

Little Shelter is an animal rescue and adoption center located in Huntington, Log Island. I was asked by the Fetch Store, a Sponsor of the event to be a #fetchinista for the evening and join them at their table. I have done a few blog posts for them so I felt it very important to attend. Fetch owners were one of the award recipients for their contribution to the Little Shelter fundraising events. It was held at Westbury Manor and was #nextlevel amazing. I go to a lot of events and we had a cocktail hour, open bar, lots of munchies followed by a 3-course dinner. My friends and I were fortunate to get an invite as we were the only pups there not to mention our fabulous outfits. So, you could only imagine the fuss people made all over us. There was dancing, and of course the momager and her friends had to get up and dance -- we pups were humiliated and when they wanted to bring us on the dance floor, well I just had to look away and put my head down -- mom please NOOOO. 100 raffle baskets; it was so hard to pick which one to put your raffle ticket in. All in all, this was a fabulous event – oh and it was masquerade, but nobody told us – next year we are going to dress in one theme – we have a year to work on it!!!!


The 27th Annual Tompkins Square Pet Parade was the biggest to date. Amazing outfits both human and pup and other species. I am not a big fan of costumes but this year I went all out and had a really cool Empress Warrior outfit made for me by Nanette De Ronde of ShihNanigans – Embellishments for Dogs. I really ruled the park (in my own mind) and the momager made (with my help) a coordinating stroller. A girl in my kind of outfit can’t just walk the streets you need a cool ride and I certainly got one. Now, I didn’t win anything, of course, but your girl got lots of Press. The trophy is not my goal but Press is – nothing makes me happier then a picture with the word Getty or AP as the logo. I even appeared in a NY Times article which was really so fabulous. Now, no shade here but my outfit was too intricate and sophisticated for this event—and next year I will have to DIY an outfit much more appropriate. Btw, all my friends won from Best In Show to 1,2, and 3rd place – so proud of them.


Chase and Papi 80's Halloween Party -- I attended a Halloween party with an 80's theme. Chase and Papi an event planner makes the most fabulous pup parties. Open bar, treats for pups and humans and a friendly crowd -- albeit Instagram centric. Mitsu, Tasha Bella and I worked the room, met lots of new friends and saw some old ones. I can't wait to check out their next event!!! Mitsu won the best costume contest and we were thrilled for her -- very well deserved and her mom was wearing her own clothes from the 80' complete with a side pony....fabulous all around. Just for the record I was dressed in hot pink just like my friend Jane Fonda -- I am in just as good shape and wear spandex well!


ZZ Reviews

Enough about my adventures for a minute I have to share information about some great products:

Treatibles can help with general anxiety, separation anxiety, joint pain and more. Don't look at me as a confident girl -- when the momager leaves for work in the morning I have a 2 minute or maybe 3 minute breakdown -- yes I am howling until she gets down to the lobby -- I am going to take these treats and see if it helps me -- it contains Phytocannabinoids - translation from the "cannabis" plant. I really don't understand any of the technical stuff but I think his is a natural way to help pups with some of their most common ailments.

ID TAGS -- Hotdogs All Dressed is a great source for personalized ID tags and more - Every pup should be wearing one of these -- you need some sort of ID -- we don't carry a wallet or a phone. I would add the tag to a necklace and just let it be part of my bling. Boys you can wear it in the traditional way or pin it to your harness like a lapel pin. But if you don't have ID on you at all times you must get this "just in case".

Hotdogs  All Dressed

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