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Love the Runway!!!

Behind the Scenes

I am straight off the Runway from the 2nd Annual Gia Diamond Couture Fashion Show. A great Model crew; all friends of mine, Harley, Jazzy, Renzo & Yeyush, Sabrina (a first timer), Marley, April Moon and of course my pal Gia. And, it was Gia's 4th birthday so a huge Happy Birthday was in order!!!

Now this evening had everything -- drinks, food, dessert, pup treats, great live Salsa music, and 60 raffle baskets to benefit Yorkie 911 ($600 was raised).

BUT, I can not contain myself -- some pups were peeing and pooping all over the place -- the red carpet was soiled, there was poop on the floor. You know how I feel about peeing and pooping in inappropriate places -- mandatory belly bands for the boys, panties for the girls should be the norm. I have already asked my mom to find me some sexy panties to wear when we go out. Any suggestions? La Perla for pups?? I mean friends, you know how hard Gia's mom worked to make this event #nextlevel and to have to contend with that was unacceptable.


Take a look at some of the fabulous outfits from last night -- they are very stylish, well made, and most importantly affordable.

It is so important for the NY dog community to support our local designers and their events. I was happy to see some of the NY pups in attendance. A fun evening; can't wait for the next one!!!


Just want you to know I am off on another G Girl adventure. I am going to the Glitz and Glamour Homecoming Dance in Florida in January. I am not even thinking about the trophy -- maybe a little -- but I have some surprises in store -- wait till you hear about my newest strategy for a possible win. As we get closer I may let you in on it!!

ZZ Reviews:

Little L's Treats -- This is my favorite treat brand. So many different flavors, I could go crazy for them all . I literally beg the momager to give me some every morning -- I definately have an addiction to them. "Krak'ems are wholesome dog treats made from human-grade poultry and meat with no additives, artificial coloring or filling. These grain free, soy free, sugar free, low sodium, no wheat dog treats are safe for all pups, including diabetic dogs and dogs with sensitive stomachs." Try them -- you will go crazy for them!! I promise!!

Little L's at Strut Your Mutt

And remember the bitches are not always the dogs!!!

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