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On the Town -- with ZZ

A Huge Congratulations to Rich Cordero / Pet Retail World

Went to a huge event. The Pet Retail World Popup Event where all the NYC Influencers, Instagrammers, Yentas and Pups attended. While the Expo is a great marketing event to help products get to us pups it is also a fundraiser – raising lots of $$ to help the pups in Puerto Rico affected by the recent hurricanes.. This 2 day event brought together a huge amount of products for us to try and of course some to BUY!! Well the momager packed a huge tote bag – she wants everything that is coming to her really to me and then some.While it was a great event with a lot of free stuff catered to the larger breeds; never enough small pup items for me but we will definitely use what we got. And I finally, got a Buddy Belt. I mean I have every other type of harness, collar etc. why did it take soo long to get one – I am 9 (shh shouldn’t tell you).

I attended with my Pupscout Troop -- we were asked to make a special appearance and over the course of 2 days most of the Scouts in my troop attended. The momager made Tasha her own Pupscout stroller so that she would attract more attention as it always works for moi. The Stroller is part of the ZZ formula for success. A girl has to use all she can to get and stay in the limelight!!!! Many of the pups took turns in the stroller and we tried to do a lineup picture but to no avail. Some of my friends must learn about posing – it is the MOST important part of your success formula – the press don’t want to wait for you to figure out where to look and who to look at. It took me a very long time but once I connected with posing I was a pro.

Now, for some real fun – my pal @SparklestheDiva visited New York from Atlanta and Tasha Bella, Mitsu and I took her out and about. Tasha Bella organized a Pupscout meeting at d.b.a. the other day and Sparkles was inducted into the Pupscouts. Mitsu and I took Sparkles on a mini sightseeing tour. I wanted to give her a taste of what we pups do here in NYC. First, she had her 2nd ever ride on the Subway, and she walked on concrete in Union Square Park (I get the feeling her feet NEVER touch the ground – she is either driven around in her stroller or her mom’s car.) We lunched at the W Hotel. Now if you haven't been to the W it is the unofficial most pup friendly indoor restaurant. The lobby/lounge is where we eat and we are totally at ease there. -- it is the best. Another subway up to Times Square, did a mini photo shoot and then went to Bryant Park where we checked out some of the shops.

Shopping in Bryant Park with Sparkles
Ladies who Lunch at the W Hotel

Lots more to tell you about -- I have to give you my take on Petcon and tell you about my recent WIN at the Washington Square Dog Park Costume Contest -- 3rd Place Outrageous Category -- hmmm still not a first place but a win. For now, hang in there and ZZ will be talking a little more in a day or so!!!!

Remember, the bitches are not always the dogs!!

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