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Let's get this Party Started!

Well it was the first Holiday Party of the 2017 Xmas Season and it was an "Ugly Sweater" Party. This is a tough call for me as ZZ doesn't do ugly. The Momager put me in an "ugly" outfit -- well not too ugly but not very exciting you will see in the photos and the next day I attended a birthday party and I was dressed as a Giraffe. NOOOO, this was the ultimate "not happening" but it did. ZZ doing other animals. I am not that kind of girl -- I will never go outside my comfort zone and "pretend" to be another species. Well too late now, the damage is done, pictures and all. Back to the Sweater Party -- it was a party hosted by the LIC Frenchie group and my bff Harley (@cruzthefrenchie) -- just imagine a room full of little pups like me mingling with the Frenchies -- these pups really know how to rock a room -- they love to jump around and play, and they love to slobber all over the toys.

I found out that the Frenchies are light on their feet, very graceful but just trapped in a solid barrel body and they are so much fun to hang with and no shade here -- no pooping or peeing in the wrong place, no fighting over food, and their parents were so kind, and watched over the room making sure everything was neat and clean.

I decided to add a little touch of ZZ and host a Hanukkah photo op -- a little self promotion on the Hanukkah sign was my web site LOL A girl has to seize all opportunities to get more followers or Not!!!

The birthday party was a group celebration for Beckett and his litter mates -- a 1 year birthday party with a zoo theme-- the pups joined in to celebrate the date and to raise money for Yorkie 911.Lots of fun-- lots of little zebras running around, a few giraffes -- I was the worst kind of giraffe -- Tasha let me borrow her outfit and I can see why she now goes as a zebra -- anyway it was fun, money was raised, pups partied the afternoon away!!!

Product Review -- I had the opportunity to try a new shampoo line -- Eco Dog Care. Love, love, love it.

The smell is intoxicating, and I am soft and fluffy. I love how I look and the momager keeps smelling me and smiling and the whole kitchen smells delicious. I highly recommend it -- try it!!!

January 2018

Another G Girl Event January 5 to 6

2018 Glitz and Glamour Homecoming Dance - I will be there with a big surprise -- my new strategy to get a win is very clever I must say. If I lose again I will be shocked. I am poised for a win as everybody knows. I keep trying and trying just like my role model Susan Lucci ---

And remember the bitches are not always the dogs.

Photo Credit: Dee Dee (@cruzthefrenchie) and LIC Frenchies