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Back on the Catwalk!

I think everybody in my "world" is familiar with the Celebrity Catwalk Paws In the City formula. Models pay a fee to be in the show and the pups (and cats) are then chosen by an elite group of doggie designers to represent them on the Runway. Designers were from all over the world, Australia, across the US, Canada and the Philippines.

Jennifer Bartok-Taylor is the event promoter, organizer, and gatekeeper. She coordinates all models with designers and has to do just about everything!!! to make this happen

The event consisted of Friday night Yappy Hour, Saturday night and Sunday fternoon was socializing, Runway, shmmoozing, drinking (yes there was wine) and feasting!!!! I am happy to say the venue was comfortable --sometimes in the past the backstage was too crowded and some of the "moms" were snapping at each other -- thank goodness this didn't happen.

There were 24 dogs & 1 cat in the show...and 22 designers....that means over 200 designs were shown.

Now you may remember my complaints about cats on the Runway but Mango, the only cat was amazing, chill, sweet and his mom Karen really great. I don't think that cats and dogs should walk the same Runway together but ZZ can always learn a new lesson and I certainly did -- Mango you are like a pup in my book.

Now these designers all have a different aesthetic and we pups (and cat) had to show these outfits off on the Runway. Whether you are carried or walk (I prefer to walk) you have to show off the outfit and make the designer proud. Quite honestly I am not sure where I will wear some of these designs again but I always love options and after receiving these outfits I certainly have all possibilities covered.

Videos courtesy of Virginia Rodriguez. I have some more on my YouTube Channel ZZ Talks.

Just a little behind the scenes:

First question is are you doing Celebrity Catwalk? And once you commit you hear-- have you seen the venue? Is it small or large? Is it better then last time? And, you also hear -- How many outfits did you get? Did you contact the designer and ask them to put you in their scene? (A definitely NO NO.) I could go on -- who introduced which designer to the Catwalk, who is being picked by who? and on and on.

We pups don't get involved in all that nonsense. I just put one paw in front of the other and sashay down the Runway and hopefully get a good picture for my Instagram.

A special thank you to Cristal Rojas who was the Celebrity Catwalk Photographer and gave me some shots to post in this Blog.

Now get ready because Jennifer has committed to a May Catwalk with a little different formula -- There will be the opening party on Friday 5/18, Contests & Spring Pet Parade on Saturday 5/19 and ALL DESIGNERS will be shown on Sunday May 20th, 2018!!! So get ready it's happening again.

And next week I will be in Florida at G Girl Productions Homecoming Dance. It doesn't stop for your girl!!!

My strategy is sooo cool but can't tell you until next week -- I better come back with a WIN!!!

And remember the bitches are not only the dogs!!!!

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