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G Girl Productions -- Homecoming Dance Review

I am back on NYC and while my name does not appear on the "winners list" and I am still in the "losers lounge" it was a fun time. My strategy did not work. I presented myself to the judges as Gender Neutral -- don't put me in either category (boy or girl) just judge me on face value -- apparently my strategy was frowned on by the judges. I was hoping this strategy would increase my chances for winning -- WRONG-- I guess the pink hair and nails distracted the judges. They just didn't know what to make of me -- of course I did great on the Runway-- but G Girl has a long way to go in the gender neutral category of judging. I think they should add that at the next event -- why not give the pups the option of going outside their comfort zone -- I am sure many of the boys would LOVE to wear a dress on the Runway -- and some have I am sure -- my pal Galen Jamesen Frazier would wear a dress in a second. And I am sure some of the girls have never, never, worn a pair of pants other then pajamas!! (don't know what they are missing).

Here is a list of the winners followed by some photos of the winners.

Queen- Baby Girl ( Janice Craig) King- Dean Martin (Mindy Gottesman)

Duchess- Holly ( Kathi Welch) Duke- Jasper ( Kelly Greene)

Princess- Sophie ( Jim Greene) Prince Pedro(Kirsten Kinlock-Perras)

Little Princess -Nava (Debbie Feinstein) Little Prince- Paco Dos ( Amy Cox)

Best Furgirl Outfit- Bri ( Sandra Barnes) Best Furgirl Designer-( Sandra Barnes) Chicka-Bow-Wow Fashions

Best Furboy Outfit - Harley (Cooper Gardner) Best Furboy Designer ( Nanette DeRonda) ShihNanigans - Embellishments for Dogs

There were lots of beautiful gowns and tuxes for the boys. There was Bumi the G Girl DJ playing some great dance music, I was on the dance floor for a quick minute until I just ran off -- the pups didn't really mingle, the humans just each took their pup and danced -- I wanted more time to work on my moves but really my mom as my dance partner -- I don't think so -- I mean who wants "Mom Moves".

The Runway judging went on forever. I guess the judges wanted to be extra sure of their decision but Gianna and Laura have to fast track this part of the event -- I mean how long does a girl have to wait to find out she lost again!!! But this time around I am not upset, if you want to know a secret I really didn't even try -- I just wasn't feeling "competitive".

Even ZZ has an off day.

Saturday we had the Yearbook Lunch. This is a fun, no pressure luncheon with small competitions. Well, this is where I excel. I came in 3rd Place (yes 3rd, I should have been 2nd, I was robbed) in the Best Cheerleader Category, you should have seen me in my sexy over the top cheerleader outfit -- and then to my surprise my Auntie Lynn entered me in the Best Flirt Category and guess who got FIRST PLACE -- I got to shlep home a G Girl Trophy -- But, I still have to earn a big win!!!!

I did manage to bring home some G Girl Bling, and it has become the new Bitcoin in my estimation.

But the most important part of the event was the outpouring of support both emotional and financial for Barbie Yonce of Canine Rescue in South Carolina. In excess of $6,000 was raised -- way to go G Girls!!!!

Check out the Fashion Page for more pictures of the Homecoming Queen Dress and description.

Had a great time and am getting ready for the next event!!!

Watch out the "Age of Enlightenment" is Coming April 28!!!

Remember the Bitches are not always the Dogs!!!

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