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Odds and Ends !!

ZZ Reads – I know you may find it hard to believe but I have been reading a book which is really about me and my friends. Well not exactly ME, but what I know best – pet fashion – the book is called Pet Fashion Industry Patterns by Laurren Darr. Laurren Darr is the founder of the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals. This book is the go to for those individuals that want to venture into the Pet Fashion Industry. As I read through the book it is soo apparent I am the pet customer that is being talked about. I mean Laurren you know me so well. Designers that wish to start their career in the pet fashion world should read this book as a guide as so many of the “trends”, “Ideas”, “strategies” are so on point and can jump start your fashion career.

Here are some trends put forth which I totally agree with – I mean ZZtalks!!!!

First, larger breeds on the Runway, some of my friends are what I call “plus sized” in comparison to me and they float in gorgeous gowns and tuxes down the Runway and are taking pet fashion by storm. Very much in demand and have become Instagram sensations.

Increased Pet Fashion Runway Shows –I have graced the Runway showcasing designers and help raise money to benefit less fortunate pups from West Coast to East Coast. The popularity continues to grow as pet fashion designers use these shows to introduce new lines and bring pet fashion to all.

Parties for Pets – This is a big favorite of mine. The momager recently made me a themed birthday party “ZZ’s Casino” and all my friends came dressed in theme. Many parties I attend are themed and my crowd does it up right with custom outfits and most of us don’t buy “off the rack”. Some designers even specialize in “costumes”.

And of course,, the rise of pets in social media .. a topic we are all very familiar with (probably too familiar).

So grab a copy of this book available on Amazon and you will see how typical and trendy we really are!!!

Get Ready it's Party Time:

February 8, 2018 New York Pet Fashion Show

February 10, 2018 Pupscout Red Carpet Event

February 17, 2018 Chase & Papi Denim N Diamonds Event -- use my code ZZpoo for a 10% discount

April 28, 2018 G Girl Productions Age of Enlightenment

And remember the bitches are not always the dogs!!!!

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