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We are all about Fashion, Fun, and Social Media !

Hi All,

It is the best time of year for us fashionista pups!! A very hectic couple of weeks in ZZland – First, the amazing New York Pet Fashion Show. Tons of fashionistas converged on the Hotel Pennsylvania to attend the show. For starters this is the largest pet fashion event EVER!!! Runway shows highlighting many well-known designers and new pet products, and of course the Best In Show themed competition. Oh did I tell you this year's theme was Country Couture -- what is that you say?

I still don't know but the momager and I put together a theme of a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll (you can just image who was who). The Best In Show Competition was a compilation of opinions, interpretations, and just plain stylings of the Country Couture theme. Strollers decorated, blinged out cowboy hats, boots, fringes you name the traditional cowboy accesories and you saw it along with over the top everything!!!!

Along with the show the event Sponsor Merck decided to Sponsor an "America's Most Popular Dog" contest. This was a popularity contest being held on social media to bring awareness to the Dog Flu. You know you BEG FOR LIKES on your photo; YOU BEG FOR IT TO BE SHARED and you check constantly to see if you are ahead. And of course, your girl agreed to participate.

A special thanks to Ada Nieves and Greg Oehler for their tireless work in making this event spectacular!!!

I won the NYPFS America’s Most Popular Pup Award – The competition was fierce and I was totally shocked to win. I have to thank everybody who voted, and shared and especially my G Girls who really swooped in and helped me – we are a family as Gianna of G Girls says and I learned what it means to support each other.

Next we had the 4th Annual Pupscout Red Carpet Event – Year of the Dog Theme– soo appropriate for us pups – I won in the Best Chinese Themed Outfit which was designed by Shihnanigans – by Nanette De Ronde. AND, as if that wasn't enough – I walked in New York Fashion Week on Sunday, first for the children’s clothing company Elizabeth Cordelia and then for Anthony Rubio Designs.

Photo: Virgina Rodriguez

My losing streak has been broken – I am no longer in the Losers Lounge -- a Susan Lucci wannabe with only losses to my name and guess what it didn't take me 19 nominations to succeed. I am a winner (I always knew that) and am no longer allowed to complain about losing. But, that won’t last long – like my mom I like to complain about everything !!! And as you know I am only funny when I am miserable!!!

The momager took me to Las Vegas for vacation to visit my Auntie Susan and her pup Ava -- I did some sightseeing and was locked in the house with a small pup – Ava, only a little over a year – very challenging for me – I spent an entire week without dressing up and dodging an overzealous puppy who wanted to play non-stop. I was exhausted from that!!!! And, I want to tell everybody that having another pup in the house was fun but the momager said NO WAY – and I am happy to be an only pup!!! Well I am back in NYC and ready to have fun with my friends. I see some meetups/events are on the calendar. I hope they are up to my standards. Lately the events are a little underwhelming, with the usual complaints, too much peeing and pooping in appropriate places, too little atmosphere …. please ... no more cement floors, no more bad lighting for photo ops, I need more!!!! No shade here… but we really need to step up our game!! We are not just “dogs” we are over the top personalities that need to be catered to!!

Don't forget the bitches are not always the dogs!!!


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