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Engagement is everything in this social media world!!!!

I have been really bad and haven't given my friends updates about the NYC Dog Scene and my Scene. Well, things have been pretty busy on all different levels. I am going to Virgina at the end of the month to the G Girl Productions - The Age of Enlightenment

I have a really pretty dress designed by BarkNBoujee and I hope, I mean I better win a trophy. Just for the record I still have yet to win the Big Trophy and I am itching, itching, shaking, tembling for a win -- it better be this time -- I can't stand the pressure and the momager well she is starting to get annoying-- well you who follow my adventures know how that goes.

We had the fabulous Easter Parade -- I looked fabulous and so did all my friends -- I did not get any press -- I was shocked but maybe sometimes a girl just has to step aside and let another pup in the limelight -- so I stepped aside and am waiting for my new door to open!!! And trust me there are things on the Horizon for your girl and ZZ will definitely be talking soon!!!

Now, why are we here! Today I want to see who is reading, I mean I need real engagement. I like to read, admittedly my horoscope, gossip, Facebook (who doesn't get their news from FB), Instagram and even New York Magazine (momager has been reading it for years and I sneak a peak now and then), Well the other day I saw a cute little article -- How would your dog or cat or other describe you? So I want all the pups to write a line or two to describe their human!!! And, post it on FB and please include a picture!! I am going to put it all together and post it here!!!!

Here is an example with guess who!!! The momager is self centered, competitive, outspoken, and always needs to be right but I wouldn't want it any other way after all she is the best mentor ever and buys me the most fabulous clothes, and takes me on trips and is there for me all the time!!!!

My first contributor: Karen Frewert/ Mango - "my mommy can be a nut case at times!!! I only knew this woman for like a minute and she put a tuxedo on me!!! In July!!! In Shubert Alley!!! Geesh. I shoulda known then that this mom would be a handful!! But she takes me to really cool places and I get to meet really cool pups and their mommies!!! I get to go to events, charity shows, actually participate in fashion shows, birthday parties, etc. I have lots of fun!! I really love my mommy!!!"

Susan Godwin/Tasha Bella Godwin

My Mom is a worry-wart! Is that the right word? BOL She shelters me too much and I'm a very independent girl. She is also way too sensitive and takes things too seriously. She needs to learn from me, how to "go with the flow". But on the positive side, I do get very spoiled with any treats or toys that I want - and lots of designer clothes!! I love my Mom just as she is.

Michelle Poulos/Tallulah

My mom is what we like to call a “smother”. She is overly affectionate with me and I don’t even struggle anymore. I let her get her kisses and cuddles in and then go on my way. She is a great mommy though and I am thoroughly spoiled even though sometimes she drags me all over when I would rather be at home sleeping.

Jennifer Jo-Moyer

Our Mamma is a crazy, colorful person, who would do anything for us or any of our pup pals. That's why she started with our friend Tasha Bella Godwin... to help the dog community and help make humans smile! We love our Mamma and she loves us... that's why there are now 4 of us!!!

Melanie Johnson/Gertie

This is my momma and me on the Runway at NYPF Show We love going to events and seeing all the fabulous furkids and their parents Mom gets way too “into” these events sometimes even dressing up herself in costumes and putting all kinds of decorations on my ride Beyond embarrassing!! But I do get to hang out with the top 4 legged models in the world of Fashion and Couture as well as going out and about in NY The Pawparazzi is a bit overwhelming when we go out but Mom just loves it She’s always sticking my face up in a camera She thinks I am fabulous and I am ok with that

And remember the bitches are not just the dogs!!!

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