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Hi All,

RECAP of The Age of Enlightenment Ball and MORE!!!

I was in Virginia Beach, VA at the Founders Inn & Spa. I flew in on Thursday and I have to say I was terrified to fly United Airlines but they treated me very well however my return trip was horrible. On to the Hotel and start the G Girl Productions Age of Enlightenment weekend hosted by the Royal BB Girls. OK, so let’s get to the fun.

Thursday was very quiet but we managed to get together for a dinner (about 10 of us) where we started to get in the mood for FUN!!!

Friday was a fun day as we had a 60’s Brunch at a restaurant near the beach. At night Lady’s Grace the charity we were raising money for hosted a meet and greet, we got to meet some of the other pups and some of the fabulous staff of the charity.

Satruday night at the event I looked fabulous – My dress was on point, my hair and my nails perfection…but my hat was a problem – I am finding it more and more difficult to wear hats, bows, and quite frankly I nearly bit off the momagers finger. I wore my hat for the judging table (another fiasco) that was the last time you will see it on me. I could not look at the judges, I don’t know why, I am expected to emote poise, confidence and just plain warmth but I was stuck in neutral … oh well…maybe it was stage fright!!!

Let’s talk about my weekend behavior. What is happening to me? I’m getting so outspoken. Food is my drug. I can’t sit at a table without going crazy for food. I mean any time a group congregates around food I am overwhelmed with the need for food. I am both disruptive and belligerent. I even tried to bite the momager that’s twice that weekend!! Oy!!

“Mood Swings” Can I be going thru menopause – do I need Hormone Replacement Therapy do I need Doggie Xanax? OR, do I just need FOOD!!!!

It was horrible because while I love attention this was not the kind I want. The momager took me to the doctor when we got back and she was told I need a food “Upgrade” – nothing wrong with ZZ she just needs a change of diet – really mom you couldn’t figure this out? So now I am a lot calmer and hopefully will gain back a little weight – all the pups told me how thin I looked – and I was a little worried about myself.

And before you ask…. guess what I LOST AGAIN!!!! No surprise – ZZ is used to NOT bringing home the trophy!! I did win 3rd prize in the Online Photo Contest – I mean 3rd prize is 2nd to lose – not acceptable for your girl but I did manage to get another piece of G Girl Bling. The outfits were amazing and the theme really brought out the creative juices. As usual I had to pump the momager up – she flip fops between I don’t care about winning to this is the last time, no more competitions. I told her New York is next and I must, must, must compete in NY – I feel this is the place where I will WIN!!!

A little Shade Here -- The event was fun, but I heard through the grape vine that some pups peed on the carpet in the Ballroom – this is unacceptable – we don’t want to get a bad rap and that is why we had a room for that – I hope we don’t have to wear belly bands and panties in New York but I hear it will be mandatory. I need someone to make me some thong sexy underwear – I don’t have any undergarments – I go commando under all my dresses!!!

We have The 5th Annual G Girl Cotillion Weekend coming up August 10 and I hope to see everybody there. This is the only time G Girl will be here and I want everybody to experience the G Girl Formula of fun, and fashion, competition and most importantly raising money for charity! The charity is Yorki911 Rescue.

I have already lined up my designer for the International Night and of course for the Main Event (Cotillion Night). I want to be like an "old school" debutante in New York hanging out at the Waldorf Astoria -- with my pearls, gloves and a handsome escort at my side but instead the momager will be pushing/pulling me around the runway -- but I am hoping for a trophy.


Now, some ZZ #liveyourbestlife moments:

May 16 – May 18 was the fabulous Celebrity Catwalk Paws In The City Fashion Weekend – I was modeling (of course) on Sunday and I received a few surprise outfits – I am very thrilled with all my looks and thrilled I was among some of NY’s most fashionable pups to walk the Runway.

Congrats to the Pupscouts for their recent over the top

Leadership Event hosted by Tallulah (Michelle and Katerina). We went to the Dog&Pooch Doggie Day Care in Syosset and they really extended a warm welcome to pups and humans – we got to celebrate in Royal style!!! Fabulous photos by Linda McNally added to this perfect event – ZZ has no complaints about this event – yes – a first – no Shade here!!!

Mini birthday event for me in Coney Island -- we rode the Wonder Wheel, visited the Coney Island History Project and dined at Nathans. What a fun day! I am now a senior pup -- 10 Years Old -- thanks goodness I don't look or act it. A lot of my friends couldn't attend Pet Day so the Wonder Wheel allowed us to ride -- they are amazing.

Next, June 9 – "Official" Pet Day in Coney Island – ZZ can’t wait to attend this event. You know I am a Brooklyn girl and want to hang out on the Boardwalk , grab a a hot a hotdog at Nathans and ride the Wonder Wheel – join me and meet some cool Brooklyn pups and yes there is a costume contest – you know I love a contest, a Runway, a chance to be the center of attention!

More to talk about but I am soo behind in my reporting I had to give you some highlights!!!!

Remember the bitches are not always the dog1!1

Remember the bitches are not always the dogs!!

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