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Winning isn't everything or is it?

Age of Enlightenment event

I can not contain myself -- rumor has it that Cotillion fever is taking over my friends. Not saying what I heard or who told me (a girl has to keep it on the down low) but dresses are being ordered both human and pup, designers are being consulted, tuxes are being discussed, international decisions are being made and I think the claws -- I mean the competitive spirit is starting to show!!! Who will be seen on the Runway, who will be watching from afar and most importantly who will WIN a fabulous G Girl trophy. Will G Girl raise the most money ever?? Bring it on pups! This will be the best Cotillion ever. I love you New York!!!! And, I have to say it -- will I finally, finally win a trophy!!! Really, it is TIME!!!!

One more thing -- the head G Girl Gianna tells me you must, must register at event website so they can get all your details for the Runway in advance -- so please do this asap.

More as I feel the need to inform!!

Remember the bitches are not always the dogs.

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