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Fashion is not always Formal!!

Over the last few months I have changed some of my opinions on fashion. While I love a beautiful dress, a gown (especially a pageant gown), etc. I am going in a different direction. I'm the kind of girl that runs around NYC literally on all 4 paws and if you want that ZZ "aesthetic" check out this fun clothing company.

I am opting for comfort -- I can't believe it but I am. These t -shirts are perfect for a girl like me who is not carried or strolled around, Love the sleeves -- they really look great in pictures and the shirt covers part of my tush -- you know how it is since I gained a pound!!!! So many fabulous prints many inspired by high end designers and can be paired with lots of jewelry (my style) or a tutu. or just on their own. I love the price, the fabrics, the look and so do some of NY's most fashionable pups (my friends) of course.

But if I need a "formal" gown I have to consult with Sewdoggonecreative -- Danielle Pursel has the most patience! She designed my gown for the New York G Girl Cotillion and guess what, I won the Miss Congeniality Title -- and Danielle designed my 2017 Cotillion gown as well!!!

Danielle listens, and really cares Can I share a secret with you -- my winning dress was my 2nd dress --- my first dress (designed by Danielle) I could not stand, I could not even put one paw into it ...but Danielle made me a new dress in 7 days -- amazing and a winner too! And she can really do a costume if you need one!!!

The Scoop

Did you know that Paws in the City (Celebrity Catwalk) is returning this Spring -- May 18th AND it is Southern Style!!! It is being held in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Well, I had to go to Google and figure out where that was!!! And, while I haven't committed yet I hear that many of the NYC pups will be boarding the bus for the 12 hour ride to get there. Model tickets include hotel and transportation from NYC -- PS Spartanburg is the home of BMW -- thank goodness a luxury brand and we will be near a car dealership (as usual). Designers are being lined up, the Models are signing up and more details to follow.

Pupscouts are firming up their 2019 Red Carpet Event...and the theme is ITALY!!! Oh, pups so romantic and fun so many options -- Designers get ready!!!

That's it for now -- more to come --

Remember the bitches are not just the dogs!!!

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