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How I Spend My Time

Since we are still in the Age of Covid and not too much going on socially for human or pup, my social life stinks. Good news is that we are crawling out of the worst year of our lives and party mode is slowly starting to build. 2020 was My Year of Central Park. This girl went and still goes to Central Park more then ever, I never knew walking along a dirt path would bring so much joy -- the smells are amazing and the leaves so tasty. Oh and did I mention such pretty photos. But, I still miss a Runway, miss a big party where all the pups get dressed in theme -- and what do I miss the most the PRESS!!!!! Judging by my Instagram pictures how many times can I go to Hudson Yards or Times Square, It must be really boring by now for my followers. But with the vaccine, and pandemic dilgence we are getting back to normal ... sort of.

Recent New Ventures

I am branching out and had to start becoming a Brand Ambassador, Affiliate, and Reviewer of Products. I am hawking all kinds of cute clothes and offering up tastes of various foods, and supplements. The momager was a little too anxious for something to do and signed me up for far too many things -- she regrets it but she never learns. I have a backlog now -- So. today I want to share with you the latest products that I am loving and you will too.

Let's start with Bow Wow Labs -- Treats, Bully Sticks/and Bully Buddy (Bully Stick Holder )-- Lots of good, I mean great stuff.

Tasty treats ---yummy Waggy Wafers Organic Chicken, Salmon, or Turkey/Pumpkin, can't get enough, and only the best inatural ngredients are used. You will love them.

Bully Sticks -- The need to gnaw --- I have the urge to chew!!! (don't tell anyone but sometimes I do act like a dog -- with or without clothes)-- and chewing on a Bully Stick is intoxicating to me. Bow Wow has a patented a unique way of give us pups a safe way of holding a bully stick...Bully Buddy.. so that no chance of swallowing it when we get down to the bottom. I find it delicious -- has great ingredients...and "chewability" as I call it.

Love to chew on the Bully Sticks all the time and the momager sometimes has to hide it from me -- once I like something I can't get enough and she wants me to chew sparingly.....good luck with that!!!


Now, let's turn to fashion --

Every once in a while you find a brand that mixes fashion with fabulous fabrics, is trendsetting, edgy and a showstopper. I have found that with MaxineAvenueNYC I love their clothes and they even named a dress after me -- go to their site and check out all the fabulous designs and I am even in some pictues. I have a discount code -- use ZZPOO for a 15% discount on select items (ZZ loves a discount).Their new Spring/Summer line incorporates bold colors with cool designs. Check some of my pictures here -- love their aesthetic.


Now, another company I am in love with is Pup's Boutique.

This is an Instagram favorite...I have bought cool designer inspired clothes that turn heads as I strut the Manhattan streets. Just a word -- NYC is coming back -- more people and pups are on the Streets, it is soo exciting. Have to keep up especially since I am a Senior Pup with a Millennial Style!!!! Boujee is just what I would call their clothes and their style fits right in with my NY street sense the #WFH (work from home) style of 2020 translates into my 2021 Style with takes work from home to work + bling from home. Check out their site and pics. Use my discount code ZZPOO on select items (20% off).


I guess you can say I am back -- will be bringing you the "Tea" -- we have to talk Pageants, parties, fashion trends and more.

And remember, the bitches are not always the dogs.

Love you,



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