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Hi Everybody,

ZZ is back and ready to talk. Yes, I know I have been MIA for many, many months. If the truth be told the Momager had writers block (again) and some other issues so I had to suffer. But, I am happy to say that all is good; we are ready to talk, comment and just be ourselves – watch out!!!

First, things have been pretty quiet here in NYC – not as many events as in the past or so it seems – or maybe me and the momager have just distanced ourselves from what is happening. But from what I have seen some new trends have emerged – many pups have formed little groups – I mean do we really have to invite EVERYONE when going out to Shake Shack or some other venue; I for one have been going out on Fridays for Happy Hour – the Momager takes me wherever she can score a cheap pinot grigio and is pup friendly and quite honestly it has been fun – meeting new pups that aren’t necessarily familiar with the NY Scene pups that just are pups and not wannable fashion models like me !! Mom likes it because she meets new humans as well and gets to gloat over my accomplishments!!!! Does everyone have to know about my appearance for 30 seconds on Pose and about my Instagram account!!! But OK, she thinks it gives us credibility – not so sure about that………

Some humans and pups have decided to break away from the pack and no longer associate with others – I totally get it but in some cases we have no understanding of why? They won’t even answer messages from others. Thank goodness this is one thing I am not involved in.

The Fall is coming and some events are in the works some I will be supporting and some not so much. Here is the Yes List!

Halloween is coming -- lots of pup parties – we dress up in costumes, not my thing but I have learned to go along with it – and we can’t wait to see what happens with the iconic Tompkins Square Halloween Event – I don’t compete I just go to get Press – now I’ve said it LOL -- I will never win against all the creative amazing pups but if I can snag a Getty Photo or a syndicated AP photo well I am in the winners Circle.

Pupscouts will be having their annual camping event in November – now this is an event I love – the food, the theme and I love to wear a glamping outfit. And did you know there is an online troop -- you don't have to be in any particular city -- you can Earn Badges by joining online -- check out Pupscoutsorgtroop50 on Instagram.

G Girl Productions -- For those pups that like to hit the road or aren’t afraid to fly G Girl is going to Nashville – in November – the theme is Enchanted Forest (something like that) and while I want to go I just have to see if we can squeeze it all it. I recently attended the 6th Annual Cotillon in Chicago and won the Miss Ambassador Title as well as the Best Costume at the International Night Competition -- thanks to Rebarkable Wags.

I have noticed the baby pageant pup trend is very prevalent. A lot of the older pups are getting baby siblings and they are competing. I am up against pups barely 6 months old -- barely out of diapers -- I mean really -- is this right? I work and work at trying to win the big title and it gets taken by a baby -- I have clothes older then some of these pups -- Now no shade here I love them but I have experience, am a professional with lots of training and now I am only Miss Ambassador material -- oh we will see about this!

Celebrity Catwalk will have their annual Paws for the City Event in December – I am not in the model line up but am attending and trying to get a table together to sell gently used clothes to donate to charity. So anybody that is willing to part with gently worn clothes boys/girls -- please let me know and I will certainly sell it for you – and don’t worry complete discretion – as I know some of you are afraid to let the “designers” know you are parting with something. As most of you I am the Anti-Hoarder!!

So much more to tell you -- I just filmed with Ada Nieves for Telemundo for a feature they are doing on her fashons -- that was such fun. I will let everyone know when it is on TV.

So this is the start of your ZZ updates to life in New York and beond !! One pup's take on the NYC Pup Life -- This is just my interpretation and no shade (maybe a little when it is really needed).

Remember -- the pups are not the bitches!!!


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