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Controversy or Nontroversy -- 1

December 17, 2016


We are in the middle of  fabulous holiday parties.  Pups going to stylish birthday parties, attending fashion shows,  Pupscout  holiday parties, Xmas and Chanukah parties -- a whirlwind for pups and pawrents. 


I want to go over some suggestions for pups during this season!  Now, I only report the news -- so first please NO FOOD FIGHTS -- girls, don't challenge the boys and try to take away their  food and boys, do you really want to walk around with the smell of "liver treats" on your mustache -- I know many of you like to socialize as do I but let's be minty fresh.    I think a meal  before you leave the house will take the edge off...and that leaves me to the next problem -- peeing/pooping in undesignated areas -- I mean PLEASE we are all adults here and have been trained -- I hold it till I leave the event and as soon as these paws cross the door squat down and take care of whatever.....  Use the wee pad and better yet -- belly bands and panties!!!  


Lastly -- please supervsie the pawrents -- don't let them drink too much -- yes they are having fun, yes they are laughing -- but there is a dark side and we don't want them to be mean and show that side -- you know what I am talking about!!  Please if you see your pawrents having a little too much fun, -- go over and take over the situation!!! I know you can control it (like you control everything else in the your home). 


So, tonight is the Pupscout holiday party -- I have paws crossed that we will all act accordingly.  I already told the momager to be on her best behavior -- full report to follow tomorrow !!!  


Party Report -- Had lots of fun with all the Pups and their parents.  I did notice a lot of chemistry between Buttercup and Diva Tomassa -- he didn't leave her side -- He has good taste - and they will look great on the red carpet together!!!   Now on to today's event -- A PuppyCon -- Gotta get the red suit on OY!!!!



Remember -- the bitches are not always the dogs!!!!!




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