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Love in the Age of Covid-19

Hi Friends,

THE BIG NEWS -- I have a CRUSH…. I am smitten with Captain the New York State First Dog – you know who he is …the pup in charge of Governor Andrew Cuomo and family. I have seen photos of him on his dad’s Instagram; his dad sometimes makes reference to him during daily press conferences and if some of you think the Gov. is hot well stand back Captain is the complete package. Yes I know he is a little young for me (10 years) but this is 2020 and we are in the midst of a Pandemic -- no rules or judging here.

He seems so disciplined but playful, I am sure he likes facts like his dad and he takes a great photo (shirtless I might add). He has a very difficult job to do. Captain must keep the Governor and his family sane during these hard times. And Captain don’t dislike the “boyfriend” he is not a threat to you. Please… you will get to love him – you should hear about what I have endured with the momager.

When things improve I will invite Captain to walk the Red Carpet with me at one of the many charity events I attend – and don’t worry Captain I can get you a tux in a minute. After we kick the virus and we pups can get back to sniffing butt, hanging out on play dates, kissing and licking friends, etc. we will try to get together. Captain I am here for you so please DM me on Instagram and let's plan a ZOOM meeting. (But first I need my glam squad -- hair and nails for me.)


I am sure there is a lot of competition to win his heart. But as you know I love a competition, I thrive in that climate so I am throwing my paw into the Ring…As I always say a girl can dream….


I don’t know if you are interested after my BIG NEWS but more about my life in self-isolation, lockdown, quarantine, whatever you want to call it.

So in a sentence nothing has changed this week. I could stop right here but need to keep you in the know.

Here is the Tea…. More annoying zoom calls, now the momager is hitting up every relative that she can think of to zoom with her. And, as you know I have to make an appearance…everyone says oh ZZ is so cute, adorable, Oh where is ZZ … you name it they say it but in reality I am cringing, hair a mess, nails a mess (momager too) and I don’t even know who you are #IRL but I guess I have to just put a smile on my face and bear it.

Next, the latest activity in my house is the momager doing her #quarantine dances. I don’t know who told her that the world needed this but she is now producing videos of herself on Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram. And, you guessed it she is trying to incorporate moi into it – not too successfully I might add but she caught me a few times.

“Wait for It” she discovered Tik Tok which she was spelling like this “Tick Tock “ thank goodness a good friend

called her out on this – I have been hiding my face. She is currently trying to learn challenges most recently the Carol Baskin/Savage Dance – she is taking direction from Youtube videos and from a 15 year old teaching it from her bedroom in between home schooling…I can’t stop laughing at her.

If think that’s it for now. Stay Safe, we are going to get through this, the world has changed so much but we will/I will survive.. oh and the momager has danced to that one too…love you all.

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