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New Year - New Attitude --New Goals

2016 Was Great. Wait until 2017 gets started it will be BETTER!!! I want to find Love!! Yes, I have checked out the NYC boys and have some favorites. You all know that I was crazy about Tut but you know he is a Playa -- can't control himself around other girls and well I need someone who is loyal to only me -- I have to be the center of the universe -- you understand. I adore Baxter but his parents are very protective of him and well we did spend a night in the "Fantasy Suite" but he is a little too laid back for me (he does look smashing on the Runway and his manners are impeccable). Buttercup is totally in love with Diva Tomasa and Lukas just thinks of us as "just freinds" -- I hate that expression). Cuba and Tasha Bella have been shlepping around for years -- will she every tie the knot with him? Some of the other boys are just not into me -- and some are just too young -- I keep my age on the dl and I am not going to be called a "cougar". So I am just putting the word out there -- if you have any suggestions please, please let me know. No chi's as I don't want to outweigh him -- although I do love their take charge personality.

And, remember he must like to dress up for the Runway, not pee or poop in undesignated areas, must be financially secure, must have a sense of humor, must like to cuddle, oy I could go on and on!!!!

And remember -- the bitches are not always the dogs.

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