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Why walk when you can ride? Fasten your seat belt!!!!

Last week I told you how I was sequestered under a table in Shake Shack well this week I was also tethered. Now you may be aware that the momager loves to decorate a stroller. It is more for her then for me. I personally enjoy putting my paws on the ground but she thinks that sometimes I am better off riding. Hmm she thinks of herself as a stroller artist (whatever that means). So yesterday we attended the Pink Angel Fashion Ball to honor Adah Janice Challenger which benefitted the American Cancer Society. We were asked to wear pink if possible which for me is a no brainer -- my best color. My gown was gorgeous, sparkly, feathers, glitz, everything I love; designed by Gia Diamond Couture. So the momager decorated my stroller to match my dress -- she literally did it a day before the event and it did look amazing considering she recycled 90% of the materials from last Easter's stroller (for which we were photographed for the NY Times -- very impressive). After 15 minutes at the event I wanted to roam around, smell, sniff, shop, check out the boys, see my friends you know the usual but oh no I had sit there like a puppet -- I mean this is not a mannequin challenge!!!

After some barking, and threatening to jump out she finally let me out and gave me some freedom -- do I really need to be scrutinized so closely?

Now back to the event, designers donated fabulous outfits, many of my friends modeled in the show; there was food, photos, music, raffles, silent auction table -- it was really terrific and MONEY was raised. I snagged a fabulous pink frilly dress designed by Lilly Langtree. I must tell you that Baxter is very upset me since I won as Class Slut at the the G Girl Yearbook brunch in Florida -- he thinks I am a little too wild lately -- so I bought a "sweet" dress to lure him back. Oh, maybe I just want a bad boy like Paco Dos!!!!! Baxter wouldn't even pose with me with any enthusiasm :(

After the event I hosted a small after-party, my bffs Gia, Lukas and Buttercup and a new member of the squad Milkshake came over for some snacks and drinks. All the pups fell asleep leaving the parents to eat and drink just what they love to do!!! BTW, Milkshake is very odd -- he is not a real pup but rather a stuffed animal which his mom is slowly dressing up -- he/she is not gender specific, was wearing my tiara and a necklace last night and Gladys owner/designer at Gia Diamond Couture will be making him/her an outfit....can't wait to see where this goes.

Next week more to tell!!!

Remember the bitches are not always the dogs!!!

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