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Let's party!!!!!

Wow, this girl had the best birthday party!!! Is it OK that I just talk about me today. It was a casino theme and by the end of the afternoon all my friends and their humans could probably play Poker, hit the slot machines, and roll the dice. Lots of photo opps and I even had my own poker chip with my face on it!!! The momager went all out for the party, food, photographer (Crystal Rojas) and treats for us pups.

Now, if you know my crowd you know the photo is key -- I hired a photographer to capture the moments...pups fighting to get at the photo props, pawrents primping their pets for the group photos and ooh the group shots/the line-up shots -- all so important -- the momager was getting crazy at the beginning 'cause I was not interested in photos on my barkday. But it all worked out -- we all cooperated, took turns with the photo ops and loved the day.

Here are the party photos -- great job Crystal Rojas

I think just give us a prop or two, a photographer and some treats and we can have the best afternoon -- we don't even need a reason.

Now the fashion -- I asked that my friends dress in the theme - lots of creativity here . Some of the pups had couture designs (even nicer then mine -- no names here Roxie). Athough I had two couture dresses (I went short so I could run around and not destroy the dress) one for most of the party and the other to blow out the candles with my face on it as "the queen" wow -- am I that old -- would you expect anything else from this fashionista? Some of the pups wore outfits embellished by the parents with playing cards (a cheap I mean inepensive way to embellish anything) and I thought that was right on point. Galen was the King of Hearts, Lukas and Buttercup were dealers, Tasha was a showgirl -- we covered the gamut and even little Gia and Cinderelly had really cool over - the - top outfits -- I mean the girls like to compete just a little with each other. And Rosie and Portia looked fabulous in their outfits as well. And I almost forgot Baxter who also had a couture gambler vest which at one point he took off (I think he was sending a message) and gave it to his new nephew to try out -- Beckett really rocked it.

Did you have a birthday party? What was your theme? What is the most important thing at the party?

So thanks for all the gifts, the Happy Birthday wishes and most of all the Birthday Love!!!

And yes, I am a little bitchy here today but all for entertainment <3

And remember the bitches are not always the dogs!!!

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