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Car, Plane, Uber, Stroller... Just C’mon down Y'all!!! Bring your best dress, your smile, your a

It is the start of the Magnolia Masquerade Ball weekend. I managed to get the momager on the plane. I was very zen and calm and kept her in check and was able to help some of the other travelers chill out, As predicted she already told me she forgot her toothbrush – can’t wait to see what else she left home. I know there will be more issues. WAIT, the momager left her lap top at the airport and of course she didn't realize it until we reached the Omni Hotel. So we went back to the airport (we had a very nice driver) and she was soo lucky -- she got it and we came back to the Hotel. What a start to this adventure.

Now, let’s talk some trash!!! I just read on fb (the only source of my news, world, or domestic) that Amy Cox, Mom (Alice) and Marilyn are hauling a 5 X 8 trailer filled to the brim with “stuff” – really girls – where are you parking that thing? And what are you bringing with you? This is not a camping trip you have beds in your room, are you redecorating your rooms, bringing additional pillows and blankets or is it props and clothes for y’all? We will see….. Now, head G Girl Mistress Gianna is traveling with her mom, Phyliss our Sargeant At Arms, Bumi (our DJ) and Tracie (our makeup artist). They have a van filled to the top but here I understand -- Bumi has her equipment, Tracie has her makeup, Phyliss has her hands full and Gianna/Laura well they have tons of clothes and trophies and G Girl misc. whatever that is.

As for me, I have one suitcase that I have to share with my mom and my personal carrier – no stroller for this girl – I just have a ‘few” outfits, hats, tons of jewelry well you know the list --- oh and I almost forgot my sweet Autumn and her mom Kathleen Jennings (our Miss Cotillion 2017 – the bitch who beat me who by the way I adore) have been on the road as well but all I see them doing are eating in one restaurant after another --- I would love to travel with them but I think I would gain a ton of weight before I even got there and the momager would be in acid reflux hell!!!

To be continued…….

Friday, we were loaded into a bus and made our way to the rocky River Vineyards on an excursion planned for us at Pet Travel. It was a fun afternoon, some of us pups need grass to do our business and dressed up or not we had tons of green to eat, chew, or poop on!! Food was served and oh yes the parents got to try 8 different wines and there were surprisingly low key -- no wine inspired drama!!! By the way dressing up meant hats and dresses and cool jackets for the boys -- and for the parents as well. Momager and I were twinning -- something we rarely do but we rocked it!!! Once back at the Hotel were walked around and eventually made our way to dinner -- a large group of us on an outdoor Patio. I have to say the momager was so worried I would express myself -- bark very loud (whch I did) that she bought me chicken wherever we went. It was quite a food fest for me. After dinner, the momager likes to yenta a bit so she took up residence in the lobby, she called it her office (horrible internet so we couldn't post this) and made a point of engaging everybody in conversation!!!!

Saturday -- Game Day -- tune in later this week for my "recap"

Comments are always welcome!!!

And remember, the bitches are not always the dogs!!!

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