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G Girl Homecoming Dance

I am counting down the days until I go to West Palm to attend the 2018 Glitz and Glamour Homecoming Dance hosted by G Girl Productions January 5 -6, 2018. The Dance is a throw back to a human "high School" dance but for pups. Girls, and Boys all dress up in high school dance mode -- you have a lot of options here just like in High School. But you know the goal is to win a trophy, something I have yet to do -- I remind you that I am the Pup Susan Lucci. Susan had 19 Emmy nominations until she scored one. I am still stuck in this mindset -- sorry if I bark out like a broken record. The event is Not as intense as THE COTILLION, more low key and with all the dancing, people should work out their anxieties about the competition or is that just my mom who suffers from that?

2017 Homecoming Dance

There will be food for humans and pups, raffle baskets, music and DANCING. Raffles will be raising money for Canine Rescue out of North Augusta, SC. The humans and pups will be gracing the floor together, I wonder who leads? I hope I at least get asked to dance by some of the handsome pups that will be there. Baxter please do not get upset with me but I will be out on the dance floor to gather info for my blog. There will be also line dancing (not my favorite -- I prefer not to follow a crowd) but thank goodness DJ Bumi Benjamin will be there to bring the music into current times. AND, a Runway Competition. I get another chance to try to win a trophy -- I have a new strategy this time around we will find out if it works!!!

Here are the categories for the Competition:

Homecoming Queen/King

Duke and Duchess


Little Prince/Little Princess

Best Dressed Furgirl/Best Dressed Furboy

Best Furgirl/Best Furboy Designer

You would think I can fit into one of those categories ?????

G Girl on Instagram -- Follow @ggirlproductions on IG

My friend Sparkles aka @SparklestheDiva on Instagram will be reporting on the event with my help. She will be spreading the G Girl word and putting us in her IG stories and I will be here writing my blog about the fashion trends, the drama (human or pup) and letting you know who was a failure and who was fierce!!!!!

Use the hashtag #ggirlproductions or #ggirlhomecomingdance2018 on Facebook or Instagram to show us your pics and hopefully get featured in my blog.


Now a one day party is never enough in the G Girl Formula, Gianna and Laura insist on a brunch at all their events. SOOO, we have a Class Yearbook Brunch. We have several categories from which to chose to dress in theme. Last year I won as the Class Slut -- a category which this year has been rebranded to "Class Flirt" -- I wonder why? Yes, friends I do win every now and again but I still can't capture the big title, the grand supreme, but maybe this will be my time. I have a cute outfit to wear at Brunch and it will be a little eye opening for some but your ZZ never disappoints.

2017 Winner Class Slut -- Yeabook Brunch

So I will hopefully see some old friends on Friday and make some new ones -- I can't wait to see what or who you are wearing?

Check out my blog post from last year's Homecoming Dance.

And remember the bitches are not always the dogs!!!

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