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Pet Expo Review-- Is this is my new normal?

Hi Pups, I checked out the Long Island Pet Expo the other day. My friend Nancy Hassel of American Pet Professionals asked me to check it out and let everybody know how fun it is. There was so much to see and do so I am just giving you some fun moments. GO to their web site and see some more upcoming Expo dates.

I first went to The Martial Arfs where I showed the trainer my moves -- she was very impressed -- I wish they were closer to me because I would love some professional training -- it could really help me on the Runway -- you know add some grace and balance to my presentation. As you know I have yet to win one of those G Girl Cotillion / Homecoming titles. And we have another Event coming up in April -- Age of Enlightenment -- so be prepared!!!

Next I tested some food from KLN and I love it -- tried to do some shopping not really my kind of stuff -- no designer outfits but fun nevertheless, bought raffle tickets

In between my walking the aisles of the event I met some pretty interesting "animals". First -- parrots -- Long Island Parrots Society-- is it totally inconceivable that ZZ is standing next to a parrot -- but today it happened -- I could hardly look at the bird I gave it the sideeye I kept thinking of the feathers that are on my dresses -- it was very distracting -- and I think the bird was not too impressed with me either -- I guess he thought I was one large tasty treat !!

Long Island Parrot Society

Next, I met Bruce. He is a big, burly guy and guess what he is a pig -- I know he was smitten with me because he went right for my mouth, but missed and we rubbed noses. It was almost a love connection and perhaps in another time/place we could get to know each other. Bruce was sponsored by Green Audit USA -- I need a Sponsor too -- somebody to pay my way while I engage everybody in conversation.

Next, you are not going to believe it -- there was a room JUST WITH CATS, JUST FOR CATS AND THEIR ADMIRERS and no Pups could enter -- This is total discrimination -- I mean a paper sign telling me I couldn't go in -- I was not happy about this!! A secret room sponsored by The International Cat Association Inc. -- maybe next year I will be in!! And, maybe next year they will get a better sign!!!

Really a paper sign LOL

So this was just a little bit of my visit to the Pet Expo. I hope to go again and spend more time there. My pup squad -- Tasha, Mitsu and Diva Tomasa said they would go back with me but they clearly stated no snakes, no pigs and no parrots -- I guess we will have to try the Lure course next time and maybe agility!!!

Remember, the bitches are not always the dogs!!!

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